Server version: 1.7.2
Owner: Itisnotme460
Basic specs: Athlon 64 3400+ , 1.5gb ram, 3mb/s upload

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


There have been some recent changes to the server and how things will be carried out:
  • We will now have trial on anyone that has been accused
  • Independent nations are to make their own laws but must abide by the international rules
  • Winterhold is now known as Hakugin
  • New commerce promotion initiative
  • New international pathway initiative
  • Any exchanges that will be held will be on the MineConquest Wiki
  • People can have their own vehicles

Saturday, September 10, 2011

About 1.8 Pre-Release

It will not be updating the server to 1.8. Why? Well no one will be able to log onto the server. No one is able to log onto when using the pre-release version and therefore, when trying to log onto the server, it will say that your account is not premium. If I was to have the serer in offline mode the only one person will be able to log on at a time. So this is why I can't update the server at this time.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Awaiting 1.8

Minecraft is scheduled to launch some time between the 8th and the 18th. As we wait for it's arrival, here is some information on how I plan to carry out the upgrading process. First I will update the the server to the latest vanilla minecraft, during that time I will start a bit of spring cleaning (too late for that term, I know). The server will be on a new map (as per MineConquest tradition) to see what the update has to offer. After the stable bukket is out I will make sure everything is working seamlessly before launch. There might be a new layout of spawn on the server, but I am keeping that a secret. I hope that is this is a smooth update (smoother than most at least), and that I can get every thing that I want accomplished.

p.s. I am going to be making a plug-in "shopping list" soon, so any suggestions will be appreciated.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Expect frequent blog updates now

I have recently found out that I can post blog entries from my phone. That means I will be able to update everyone faster and more often then before, since I don't have to go to the website itself. I am also finally realizing that I probably can get something to use on my computer too...  now I am thinking!

Spartan-Anon Peace Alliance (SAPA)

Well, it ha been A week or two since the agreement between the two kingdoms in Mineconquest. This will ensure that no destructive wars and cooperation will last as long as both sides uphold the agreement.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sorry About server downtime.

Recently there has been some people from the server trying to hack/crash/spam mineconquest. This is why the server is down and the ports are closed, this is strictly for security reasons and we hope to be back up as soon as we feel it is safe (changing the ip, the smart ones calm down, etc.).

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Has been awhile.

Just a few updates. Have not made any in awhile, and being as I can now use an rss feed for the wiki I shall use blogger more
-New 3 Civilization setup! (Tartarus, "The outcasts", and another one that has not been made yet)
-Have been on 1.7.2 for awhile (bukkit 953)